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1 Hull Shore Dr Hull, MA 02045, USA
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“Boston is a coastal city that sadly seems to have woefully few outdoor restaurants along the ocean, and even fewer that don’t necessitate having to take out a bank loan to pay for dinner. Thankfully, there is a dining spot in Hull that has an upstairs deck overlooking the sea, a kitchen that serves up all kinds of decent food, and prices that don’t put much of a dent on the wallet. Yes, The Red Parrot is sorely needed in the Boston area …”

– Boston’s Hidden Restaurants (Click here to

This place literally has the best food I have ever eaten in my life! Linguine with red clam sauce and the lobster bisque are TO DIE FOR! Also the sun dried tomato pasta with pesto & lobster ravioli!

Courtney O., Plainfield, IL

We go to Nantasket every chance we get, and love to eat here. What a nice surprise last visit that they added a Paleo menu! The food is always good, the staff is always friendly, the service is great.

Seana F., Worcester, Massachusetts

This place is amazing. Truly the best restaurant I have ever been to. The owners are fantastic people too. Id recommend just about anything on the menu.

Eric R., Quincy, Massachusetts

AMAZING!!!! The Red Parrot hosted our daughter’s baptism reception today and did an outstanding job!!!!! Delicious food, a beautiful room, and professional service made a very elegant beach side occasion for all of our friends and family today!!!! A special thank you to Bea and Richard!!!!

Tanya A., Facebook

The Red Parrot is the place to be if you want to make a very large event happen! I also like that the bar is offering a home to those who perform original music — this is always special to me! Bea and Richie, owners, are full of fun and delight! The Beach Bar is a perfect hang!

Michael W., Hull, Massachusetts

The Red Parrot: cool place to be on JUNE 1st!!! Come on Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patty S., Facebook

Saw an awesome band play there. Great View too.

Suzie R.K., Londonderry, New Hampshire

Most awesome place to get chowda

Jules H., Attleboro, Massachusetts

I was weary to go here due to all of the negative reviews this place has gotten. The husband and I stopped by here for some lunch today, and we were not disappointed. It was beautiful out, so we wanted to sit on the roof deck. We were promptly greeted and sat. Our waitress came right over and took our order, and was helpful in offering menu suggestions. I was actually surprised at how quickly we got our food, and was pleasantly surprised that everything tasted fresh and delicious. He got the fish tacos, and I got the pork tacos. I wasn’t blown away by the beer (My beer was the last one in the keg, apparently), but..nothing could have taken away from the beautiful waterfront.

I’d definitely stop here again if we ever decide to make a trek back into Hull!

Ashley A., Boston, MA

They have a delicious cheeseburger and home made potato chips!!! Friendly staff and owners!! Need I say more;)

Laura M., Hull, Massachusetts

We held a fundraiser for An Orphans Dream at the Red Parrot from 3-6pm on Sunday Nov 17, 2013. The function room is beautiful, overlooking the ocean and the sunset. The food was amazing! The staff was extremely happy, efficient and helpful. The room was perfectly arranged for our raffles, auction items, tables and chairs for those attending and for the very talent DJ John Kelly to keep the party going and the dancing floor hopping. I highly recommend the Red Parrot for any function or for a lovely place to eat wonderful food, and look out to the ocean!

Julie B., Quincy, Massachusetts

Oh shush, all of you who give The Red Parrot poor reviews! This is one of my favorite local places from where I grew up. I went recently and had a great experience, both times. We were seated on the deck which has an amazing view of the ocean — it is literally right there, so it’s very pretty and you have a lovely breeze. My absolute favorite sandwich is there — the lobster panini.

The lobster panini is what to get. Don’t ask questions, just trust me. It’s buttery, warm, stuffed with lobster, and has red peppers and carmelized onions. It comes with fries. It is huge. It is amazing. If you really don’t trust me, order a “small” lobster roll because A they’re huge and B both my SO and her mom loved them. They come with large hunks of lobster coated in a mayo dressing in a warm buttered roll.

Marissa H., Cambridge, MA

Sat on the roof top deck on a beautiful summer afternoon and had the most incredible lobster salad roll with yummy
crunchy fries. My sisters had the best fish tacos and when I took a bite to see how good it was (cause they were constantly saying how absolutely delicious they were) I had TOTAL ORDER ENVY!! They were the best fish tacos I had ever tasted! Very light and crunchy; tender pieces of fish almost tasted like popcornFish with an amazing slaw and avocado mayo; accompanied with the most amazing crunchy onion rings.. I must say, my lobster salad roll was awesome! Totally packed with lobster claws AND tails and mixed with just a little bit of mayo and very light on the celery; still the fish tacos are the must get next time we go. Service was exceptional and we will definitely be going back!

Lisa S., Billerica, MA

We usually stop into the Red Parrot anytime we hit Nantasket beach. We always sit upstairs on the roof deck. The view is unbeatable. We opted for a table with an umbrella to escape the sun while we ate. (They also have rooftop tables without umbrellas if you prefer to bask in the sun).

This time around he had a lobster roll, which was overflowing with lobster. I had a lobster BLT which was, in a word, YUMMY! A BLT on wheat bread, with lobster and a garlic sauce (they call it aioli). We ate every last morsel of food, including the delish onion rings that came with his ands the crispy french fries that came with mine. Their mudslides are refreshing but nothing special, same as everywhere else.

Sometimes there’s a wait, but it’s never for too long. On this visit (Sunday @ 5pm) there was no wait. Waitstaff is mostly teenage types, but always pleasant and professional. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed. Paper plates, napkins and plastic cutlery in a caddy on each table provide convenience. The bathrooms are clean.

Margaret D., Hyde Park, MA

Why drive all the way to Newport when you can go the The Red Parrot in Hull?

Chris M., Marshfield, MA

I liked this place…great fun ambiance (musician playing guitar fantastic) and a great bowl of mussels also had lobster sliders. Mussels were in a great white wine/garlic sauce. Bread . Sliders were crammed with lobster. View from the deck of the Atlantic was fab. Mostly locals who walked over from sunning on the public beach across street.

Elaine H., Holliston, MA